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About Notre Dame Fine Art

The Picture

The picture of Notre-Dame De Paris is part of a series of 12 photographs shot in paris 2016 – 2017.

With the destruction of Notre Dame, which affected me very much, I decided to make a this site to share this photo.

Notre-Dame raises in its massive, indestructible majesty. The reflection of its spire in the water of the Seine echoes back to the idea of balance and fragility, mirror of the soul of the Grande Dame.

Today a gaping hole marks the heart of the cathedrale. On April 15th 2019, a terrible fire hit it and it’s spire collapsed.

The picture I’m presenting here becomes, de facto, an historical image, a track record from the past, a memory, an iconic representation. It’s with great emotion I’m looking at it today.

How could I imagine such a drama two years from now?

The Project

In May 2016, I decided to photograph Paris.

The series has been shot in analogue large format, room 4 x 5 to allow very big printings and emphasize the power of Seine on the city.

With the great amount of pictures taken in the capital in the past, finding the right perspective, light, composition and subject to create something new and original: here lied the challenging aspect of my project.

The Seine imposed itself to me to look at the city from its river, and not the contrary, became obvious Paris as wide solid powerful it may be remain indivisible from its river.

I wanted the viewer to be surprised by the peaceful aspect of a city far away from its daily activities, bathed in the tender light of dawn. The Seine   is   very  present   in   the foreground. The reflections create an almost abstract graphic effect.

Would the river be from another world?


The Website « »

The website is launched in honor to the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris with the sale of  one  single shot.

The series of printings is signed by the author and limited to 150 issues with an Art-Trust certificate.

Each month, I will add an additional photo of the series on Paris for sale.

Wishing you a good visit and very beautiful pictures of Paris on your walls.