Notre Dame De Paris

390,02 190,0

Vicky Ceelen 2016/2017
Limited Edition at 150 Signed Prints


How do I know if a secure certificate of authenticity is valid?

Reassure art buyers and make them more comfortable with the purchase of your works by giving them the opportunity to verify the authenticity of the certificate. We invite them to connect to the online certification page of each work to obtain more information about the work and validate its authenticity.

A certificate of authenticity protected by the ARTtrust concept can be authenticated quickly and easily by anyone:

  • With your smartphone, use a QR code reader application such as i-nigma and neoreader to scan the QR code of the bubble seal.
  • Once scanned, an image of the artwork appears with the image of the bubble labels. You can then compare the bubble labels with its image on the screen.
  • If the bubble labels match their images on the screen and the description and image of the artwork match, the certificate of authenticity is valid.

If you do not have a smartphone or QR code reader, simply log on to and type the silver or gold bubble seal reference in the “Authentication” area of ​​the page. Home.


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